Sponsor A Child

sponsorachildMonthly sponsorships are an important way to help meet the needs of the orphans in Ghana and Togo. We offer two types of monthly sponsorship:

Food Sponsorships

There are many children in Ghana and Togo who struggle daily to have enough to eat. For $38 per month you can cover the cost of acquiring and delivering three nutritious meals a day to an orphan. Food sponsors also receive pictures and letters from their children and are encouraged to regularly correspond with them to develop a genuine and lasting relationship.

Education Sponsorships

Education is among the best opportunities a child has for a future beyond the orphanage. The average cost for an education is $70/month and includes uniforms, books, supplies, tuition, feeding fees, and exam fees. Our program is set up to allow two education sponsors per child, each at $35/month. You can also choose to fully sponsor a child for education at $70/month if you prefer. Education sponsors receive pictures and letters from their children, as well as regular report cards from their schools, so that they can pray for and encourage their students as they progress in their studies.


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